Coal Mine Disasters in the United States
By State

State:  Ohio

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Date Mine Name Location Mineral Disaster Cause Killed
09/14/1966 Red Tail No. 2 View the planets for this day Bethesda, OH Bituminous Fire 3  
07/05/1944 Powhatan View the planets for this day Belmont, OH Bituminous Fire 66  
11/29/1940 Nelms View the planets for this day Cadiz, OH Bituminous Explosion 31  
03/16/1940 Willow Grove 10 View the planets for this day St. Clairesville, OH Bituminous Explosion 72  
06/21/1937 Rupert  Keystone, OH Bituminous Explosives 6  
01/03/1931 Midvale No. 4 View the planets for this day Midvale, OH Bituminous Explosion 5  
11/05/1930 No. 6 View the planets for this day Millfield, OH Bituminous Explosion 82  
12/23/1925 Webb  Bellaire, OH Bituminous Fire 9  
10/29/1919 Amsterdam No. 2  Amsterdam, OH Bituminous Fire 20  
05/17/1913 Imperial  Belle Valley, OH Bituminous Explosion 15  
04/21/1910 Amsterdam  Amsterdam, OH Bituminous Explosion 15  
11/03/1906 San Toy No. 1  Corning, OH Bituminous Fall Down Shaft 5  
02/10/1881 Robbins  Robbins, OH Bituminous Explosion 6  
07/11/1877 Brookfield  Brookfield, OH Bituminous Suffocation 7  
07/13/1872 Atwater Slope View the planets for this day Portage County, OH Bituminous Fire 10