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All Coal Disasters in the Year 1926

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Date Mine Name Location Mineral Disaster Cause Killed
12/09/1926 Francisco No. 2 View the planets for this day Francisco, IN Bituminous Explosion 37  
11/15/1926 Mound  Moundsville, WV Bituminous Explosion 5  
10/30/1926 Colliery No. 7  Nanticoke, PA Anthracite Explosion 9  
10/04/1926 Rockwood View the planets for this day Rockwood, TN Bituminous Explosion 27  
09/03/1926 Tahona No. 29 View the planets for this day Tahona, OK Bituminous Explosion 16  
08/26/1926 Clymer No. 1 View the planets for this day Clymer, PA Bituminous Explosion 44  
07/23/1926 Pettebone  Kingston, PA Anthracite Explosion 7  
07/21/1926 Dixie  Moffat, AL Bituminous Explosion 9  
05/06/1926 Randolph Colliery  Port Carbon, PA Anthracite Explosion 5  
03/08/1926 Crab Orchard 5 View the planets for this day Eccles, WV Bituminous Explosion 19  
02/16/1926 Nelson  Nelson Creek, KY Bituminous Explosion 8  
02/03/1926 Horning No. 4 View the planets for this day Horning, PA Bituminous Explosion 20  
01/29/1926 New Orient No. 2  West Frankfort, IL Bituminous Explosion 5  
01/29/1926 Mossboro View the planets for this day Helena, AL Bituminous Explosion 27  
01/14/1926 Jamison No. 8 View the planets for this day Farmington, WV Bituminous Explosion 19  
01/13/1926 No. 21 View the planets for this day Wilburton, OK Bituminous Explosion 91