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Information on past mine disasters continues to be discovered and added to this site.  When searching, either use known search criteria, such as Disaster Year, Mine Name, City and State, or State; or we strongly suggest you view these lists below, displayed in descending chronological order, to find what you're looking for.
M/NM Mine Disasters
Coal Mine Disasters
If you're looking for infomation on one we don't have, use this form to e-mail me and I'll try to locate it.  Chances are I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Generally, the best way to find information about a relative killed in a mine accident is to contact the Coroner or Register of Wills in the county where the death occurred.

Historic Chilean Mine Rescue
  More rescue success stories
All 33 miners, plus 5 rescuers were lifted to safety on October 13, 2010, ending the 69+ day ordeal, the longest mine entrapment on record.  This disaster occurred on August 5, 2010 at 14:15 (GMT -4:00)

The China Mine Disaster Watch has been updated and includes information received from news accounts of China mine accidents from January 2004 to the present.  Researchers have found this project to be extremely helpful.

• Worst Disasters • 12 Deadliest Disasters • Faces of Despair

The USMRA wishes to thank Melody Bragg and others from the National Mine Health and Safety Academy library in Beaver, West Virginia for generously sharing content related to many of the accidents found here.  Their continuing cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Mine Rescuer Deaths
In the United States alone, 61 incidents have been identified where 236 mine rescue team members and other miners were killed in the course of attempting to save their fellow miners.  These brave men that died in the commission of rescuing others truly epitomize the phrase "That Others May Live."  Also included are mine accidents from many other countries.
Search US Mine Disasters
Thanks to the generosity of Bob Cornett for sharing his database, you can now search here through more than 800 mine disaster records that occurred in the US since 1839.  Searches can be specific to either metal/nonmetal or coal, and records can be examined according to a variety of criteria.  Accident narratives and more can be found for more than 600 disasters.
Prominent Mine Disasters
Information pertaining to the more prominent mine disasters of the past can be found here.  Included are mine fires, explosions, asphyxiations, and inundations.
Coal Accidents Since 1980
Provided is a list of prominent coal mine accidents that have occurred in the United States since 1980.  Also included are tables providing both a state-by-state breakdown and an accident classification breakdown.
Successful Rescues
It's not all bad news as you'll see in our collection of successful mine rescues from nations around the world.  Countries included are the United States, China, Russia, Canada, Peru, Scotland, India, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Germany, France, Poland and Chile.
NIOSH Disaster List
This link to NIOSH is provided to their comprehensive list of all mine disasters where 5 or more miners were killed.  Links to both Coal and Metal/Nonmetal can be found there.  Their records include accidents from 1839 to the present.
Worst US Mine Disasters
Here you will find historical data on mine disasters as well as various lists, such as worst accidents for a period and worst accidents killing 5 or more miners.  Details on all disasters listed here is also provided.
World's Worst Fires & Explosions
Recently updated, this MS Word file chronologically lists the world's worst fires and explosions since 1666.  Researchers may also be interested in our Twelve Deadliest Disasters and China's Worst Mine Disasters pages.
Mine Disasters Occurring During War Years
Both coal and metal and nonmetal mineral production has played a vital role in sustaining America's military efforts over the years.  Displayed here are lists of mine disasters which occurred during the "official" time periods spanning the wars linked below.  Over the periods examined, 3,024 miners were killed.

Solar Correlations to Mine and Natural Disasters
Expanding on the notion that celestial bodies can influence phenonena such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions, the table found here provides lunar information related to the dates of many of these events as well as mine disasters.  The implication here is not that the position of the planets or New and Full Moons cause these disasters, rather it is suggested that they may be contributing factors to the occurrence of these events.  Examine the "Planet" links and look for an alignment of the earth with two or more planets and then you decide.  Don't be surprised if one day you see this kind of data as an integral part of accident investigations.
Additional pages where Solar System links can be found:

All US Mine Disasters Prominent Mine Disasters
Rescuer Deaths Curious Planet Alignments
War Years' Accidents Unplanned Roof Falls
Worst US Mine Disasters Worst China Mine Disasters
2010 Metal/Nonmetal Fatalities Coal Disasters Since 1980
2010 Coal Fatalities

About the planets and moon images

Mining Literature

Here are some of the books we've helped to promote:
Famous Sheppton Mine Rescue
The Untold Story: The Blood and Sweat of the Rescue Team
by J. Ronnie Sando
Trapped Under the Sea
One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles Into the Darkness by Neil Swidey
The Deep Dark
Disaster and Redemption in America's Richest Silver Mine
by Gregg Olsen
Fire and Brimstone
The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917
by Michael Punke
Deep Down Dark:
The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle that Set Them Free by Héctor Tobar
Tragedy at Pike River Mine
How and Why 29 Men Died
by Rebecca Macfie
47 Down
The 1922 Argonaut Gold Mine Disaster
by O. Henry Mace
No. 9: The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster
by Bonnie E. Stewart
by Davitt McAteer
Smith Mine Disaster Chronicles
by Jeff McNeish
The Scotia Widows:
Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal by Gerald Stern
History of Bear Creek Mountain
by Jeff McNeish
Monongah 1907 DVD
by Davitt McAteer
Goodbye Wifes and Daughters
by Susan Kushner Resnick
Poetry Selections
by Joel Tankersley
Red Helmet
by Homer Hickam
Poetry Selections
by Del "Abe" Jones
Poetry Selections
by Various Poets
by Gardiner Harris

More disaster books and videos from Amazon

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